Our 2017 Best Nine

Thank you to everyone who made this year possible! A special thanks first to Quality Food Centre, Lew 1 Shipping, Tropical Shipping and Caicos Express Airways! We have had one busy year! We started off with a sold-out brunch at Kalooki’s for 250 people raising over $18,000 (thanks to the supporters, KB Homes and Gilley’s […]

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Our Irma Relief breakfast supplies arrive in Provo!

Last week, when our Irma Relief breakfast supplies arrived, we truly had the support of our caring community in getting the food out to the government schools. Our fantastic new team member Tara delivered over 8,000 Nature Valley granola bars to the British West Indies Collegiate, in addition to the thousands of Nutrigrain bars and […]

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Post Irma update and our amended Programmes

We are happy to announce that we are able to continue our usual menu at our Breakfast Programme schools in North and Middle Caicos. When Iris Stubbs Primary School in South Caicos resumes we will be providing their students with ready-to-eat breakfast items, as their canteen was severely damaged and their kitchen appliances destroyed. Mary […]

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Our breakfast programme has begun!

With the new school year, the children are coming to school greeted with breakfast – a piece of fresh fruit, a glass of milk and either, porridge with dried fruit, grits with an egg, a peanut butter sandwich or a whole grain cereal. They are all pretty happy! Karen spent a week travelling to the […]

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