New supply chain for Food for Thought

New supply chain for Food for Thought

The closure of Quality Food Center earlier this year sadly brought an end to a great partnership of two and a half years. We will always be extremely grateful to the staff at Quality who went out of their way to help us. We would like to especially thank George and Allan for going above and beyond on many occasions to help us.

After working hard to find another arrangement which suits our needs the Food for Thought team is happy to announce new partnerships going forward. We will be working with Sunny Foods locally, who are willing to go an extra mile for us – sorting our orders by school and delivering to our wonderful local shipping partner Lew 1 Shipping for delivery to North, Middle, and South Caicos and Grand Turk. Caicos Express Airways also continues its support, now along with Salt Cay Ferry, for assistance with the deliveries for Mary Robinson Primary School in Salt Cay.

For other items that we will be importing ourselves, we are lucky enough to have the sponsorship of Seacor and Al Services. Seacor has generously offered to provide free shipping from the US to TCI.  And Al Services has kindly agreed to waive their brokerage fee for our charity. We truly appreciate these gestures by both businesses, which allow us to spend more of our funds on purchasing food for students in need. We hope their example of good corporate citizenship will encourage other local businesses to do their part for the betterment of Turks & Caicos.

Our particular thanks must go to Lew Handfield, Nerissa Handfield, Stephane Menelas, Sarah Delancy, Sanjay Gopaldas, Lucy Vecino, McAllister Hanchell, Allan Dickenson, Pavan Uttamchandani and Malaika Wint Williams.

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