Food for Thought welcomes its first employee

Co-founders of Food for Thought, Karen and Jeanne Savory, are delighted to introduce Tara Bywater in our new role of Operations & Marketing Manager.

“We are so happy to officially welcome Tara into the Food for Thought family.  Her addition to our charity has been invaluable – allowing us to do much more and to reach many more.

Tara began volunteering with Food for Thought a year ago.  In that time she proved herself to be a trusted, reliable and proactive member of the Food for Thought team who clearly cares deeply about what we are trying to achieve.  She and her family have all been involved in the charity’s endeavours.  We knew we needed to snap Tara up as soon as we could!”

Tara’s job involves managing and assisting with the day to day operations of the charity including the ordering and inventory for the breakfast programmes, liaising with the schools, volunteers and collaborators, as well as organising events and outreach.

In her new position, Tara has hit the ground running – taking up management of the breakfast programmes at the start of the school year, as well as being instrumental in the organisation of two back-to-school parties (on North and South Caicos) in two weeks, a series of World Food Day activities (food drive, food hamper distribution, and a student poster competition), and the upcoming evening fundraiser Picnic en Blanc.

Tara moved from Chicago to Providenciales with her family in October 2016.  Her background is in the area of procurement and global purchasing, with 18 years’ experience in merchandising and inventory control.  Tara has always had a passion for helping the community, particularly in the field of child welfare.