About Us

Food for Thought is a Turks and Caicos Islands charity that focuses on children’s nutrition. We are based in Providenciales but distribute food throughout our islands. We founded Food for Thought at the beginning of 2016, having become aware that an unacceptable number of children are going to school without having eaten breakfast. Malnutrition has an enormous effect on physical and mental development, and the children’s ability to concentrate and learn.

We were raised in Turks & Caicos and would like to make sure the next generation is given the best possible chance to lead happy, healthy and prosperous lives.

Jeanne Savory

Jeanne was born in New Zealand and came with her parents to Turks & Caicos as a baby in 1981, acquiring Turks & Caico’s Islander status in 1992. She was educated in the UK and New Zealand, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology & Anthropology and a Postgraduate Diploma in Law. Currently working as a lawyer Jeanne is also a Director of the Turks & Caicos AIDS Awareness Foundation.

Karen Savory Igini

Karen is a Turks & Caicos Islander who was born in Grand Turk and holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Postgraduate Diploma in Law. She worked in branding for seven years at private companies as well as international agencies in Turks & Caicos, Sydney and London before deciding to make a career in law. Karen is now a lawyer at Savory & Co. Karen is passionate about seeing the Islands continue to grow and develop in a responsible and economically sustainable way.