For just $200 a child will receive free 
breakfast every school day for a year


How You Can Help

With just $200 we are able to provide a child with free breakfast every school day for a year. The breakfast consists of a piece of fresh fruit, milk, and either porridge with dried fruit, grits with an egg, whole grain cereal or a peanut butter sandwich.

Monthly subscriptions

For less than $20 a month you can provide a child with breakfast every school day.
We can accept:
  • - Recurring payments from CIBC FirstCaribbean accounts via Internet Banking.
  • - Monthly credit card payments via PayPal. Please click the button below.

  • One off donations

    Just $200 will provide breakfast to a child for a whole school year. To make a donation
    you can contact us directly or use PayPal. We can accept:
    • - Cash and cheques at Savory & Co. in Regent Village, Grace Bay
    • - Transfers to our CIBC FirstCaribbean account, or
    • - VISA, MasterCard or AMEX payments via Paypal.

      Purchase our merchandise

      Email us to purchase our new merchandise
      • - Jute Shopping bags for $25
      • - Silver and purple bracelet hand-crafted by Atelys for $20
      • - Christmas cards lovingly designed by Hezron Henry and Lindasy Mensen
        $5 each or a pack of 8 for $30

      Food Bank donations

      See our shopping list of preferred breakfast items here

    We have tiered corporate sponsorship options with incremental benefits to suit all business sizes.

    If your company has a corporate responsibility programme that supports local charities or has a donation match programme, please suggest Food for Thought to be their charity of choice. If you make a donation they may match it to help it go even further.

    In our first year 86% of our expenditure was spent on purchasing the food for the Breakfast Programme.

    But remember, all operating costs go towards advancing the charity's objectives and creating even more income. Using part of your donation to raise awareness and bring in more donations makes it all go a little further. Using part of your donation to pay for meetings with the schools on the outer islands ensures we know their needs and are being effective.

    Thank you all for your kind help!

    Hold a fundraiser

    If you would like to host an event to help raise funds for Food for Thought - such as a show, games night, pot luck dinner, garage sale or auction - we will be happy to help in any way we can. We can provide any brochures, newsletters or photos to help promote your event.

    Last year generous members of the community contributed by holding bake sales, silent auctions, food drives and donating proceeds from a cabaret show!

    Photo from Cabaret Show, July 2016

    Join us at fundraising events

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    Photo from Food for Thought Brunch, March 2017


    If you would like to volunteer please get in contact with us on or sign up here for volunteer emails.

    Photo of Val Kalliecharan volunteering at the Food for Thought Brunch, May 2016