Local and visitor support for Food for Thought

Many people came together and made generous donations in the weeks and months after the passing of Irma and Maria, which were so important in helping to cover the additional costs following the hurricanes. Due to the damage done to the schools and their kitchens we had to provide ready to eat breakfast items, which was a lot more expensive than our regular menu. We are happy to report that we continue to receive the community’s support. Over the past few months Food for Thought has had some substantial donations that will ensure the breakfast programmes continue and expand.

A long time tourist and some fellow volunteers came together to raise hurricane relief funds. They asked friends, family and business contacts to donate prizes to a raffle and went on to sell hundreds of tickets. It was a huge success and they donated to multiple Turks & Caicos charities – Food for Thought was the beneficiary of over $7,500. Thank to Mike and your team for coming to Turks & Caicos, returning, falling in love and deciding to give back.

We also had an extremely generous donation from Scotiabank of $10,000. This donation will help us to support many public school students, whose schools have still not recovered from the hurricanes. Thank you to Scotiabank Turks & Caicos for making it happen, with special thanks to Patricia Adams for identifying Food for Thought as one of Scotiabank’s hurricane relief recipients.

COMO Parrot Cay used their MasterCard “Purchase with a Purpose” to give back to the community and donated $5,500 to Food for Thought. This donation will be used to further the breakfast programmes in Parrot Cay’s neighbouring island of North Caicos.

We would like to thank all of our supporters, specifically those who donate monthly or have signed up to be Corporate Sponsors. Your support means that we can ensure the longevity of our programmes and can plan on expanding to more schools in need of the Breakfast Programme.

We ask the community to consider becoming Corporate Sponsors and receiving the tiered benefits that come with those sponsorships. For more information email info@foodforthoughttci.com or call 242-FEED.

Last but not least, we want to thank the teachers, volunteers and Quality Food Centre for outstanding support and effort you put into implementing our programme as well as Lew 1 Shipping, Tropical and Caicos Express Airways.