Our breakfast programme has begun!

With the new school year, the children are coming to school greeted with breakfast – a piece of fresh fruit, a glass of milk and either, porridge with dried fruit, grits with an egg, a peanut butter sandwich or a whole grain cereal. They are all pretty happy!

Karen spent a week travelling to the primary schools in North Caicos, Middle Caicos, South Caicos and Salt Cay to ensure the roll out of the programme was going smoothly – and for the most part, it was! Two of the five schools were waiting on some final repairs to their kitchens (and so sticking to fruit, milk and restricted options) but the other three were fully up and runningwith the breakfasts. There is phenomenal support from the local communities in helping the schoolswith the preparation and serving of the food and we could not do this without them.

Allthe children and teachers were very excited, which was amazing to see.

We would like to thank the following companies who donated their services for this tour ofthe schools and allowed us to minimiseexpenses: Caribbean Cruisin’, Nick’s Rent A Car, Nathan Smith, My Dee’s Restaurant, interCaribbean, Sail Rock, Caicos Express Airways and East Bay Resort.

We also had some fantastic coverage from Channel 4 – click hereto see the feature on our facebook page.

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A couple of very generous and very talented artists have designed Christmas cards for us! They will be available for purchase in October so keep a look out on our social media (see links below) or in local stores, including Art Provo and Goldsmith.


We need to give a huge thanks to Quality Food Centre for all of their support now that we are ordering the food every couple of weeks – they are bringing the food in at cost, clearing customs, sorting the food by school and helping us deliver everything to Lew 1 Shipping, Tropical Shipping and Caicos Express Airways for transport to the schools!


We have had some fantastic support from individuals and a few corporate sponsors have signed onto our newtiered sponsorship options. So far we have raised $48,750 towards our $60,000 target for the first year. This is a hugerelief and it means that we can soon startfundraising for the 2017 school year!

If you would like to make a donation we accept cash, cheques, transfers or credit card (note that credit cards attract at 3.8% fee). Monthly donations are now also available and if this is of interest please download the credit cardfromhere. If you would like to be a corporate sponsor clickhereto see the new tiered options.

Or, if you would like to put your name down to volunteer pleaseemail us!