World Food Day Activities

World Food Day Activities

Wednesday 16 October 2019 was World Food Day.  This year’s theme was “Our actions are our future. Healthy diets for a #zerohunger world”. Food for Thought is holding various events and activities this week, ending with its annual brunch on Sunday 20th October at Mango Reef.

On Wednesday Food for Thought held a Food Fair at Long Bay High School in order to promote healthy diets and encourage students to try different kinds of food.

Several generous businesses and individuals prepared a wonderful variety of healthy and delicious food and drink, which the students thoroughly enjoyed.

Food for Thought co-founder Jeanne Savory said “We are very grateful to those who contributed to the Food Fair.  Healthy diets and lifestyles are so important in order to combat both undernutrition and obesity. We could not have hosted this successful event without Simita, our fantastic Operations and Marketing Manager.

Our particular thanks to Mrs Whiskey-John and her team at Long Bay High School for hosting the event. Enormous thanks also to Bay Bistro, Grace Bay Club, The Patty Place, Nutrition in Demand, Tropical Taste, Sandbox, Health Promotions & Advocacy Unit, Rotaract, Flamingo Pharmacy, Joan Connolly Gregg, Charlotte Harvey, Meghann Kruck, who donated their time, effort, and all of the amazing food, and to our brilliant Food for Thought volunteers Jessica and Deb!”

In addition to the Food Fair and Sunday Brunch Fundraiser, Food for Thought are also holding a public food drive and school video competition this week as part of its World Food Day activities.

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